Thunderbird Filler Sealer Pint


Thunderbird Sandable Filler Sealer

Starting at: $12.00

IMPROVED more sprayable 

Dries  even faster . Dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes. Can be sanded and recoated immediately. It is also easier to sand. Yet has all the same high quality filling that those of you who love the old product rely on.

This sealer has been specially formulated for archery applications (but works great for many other applications as well). This products high solids content gives a fast, excellent build on open or porous wood grains. It is an excellent sealer and filler for the riser section of a bow. Brush on application. Not recommended for the limb section due to lack of flexibility.

Specially formulated to work with our 2 part epoxy to reduce finishing time and production time on your bows. You can move quickly right from filling to spraying epoxy on you bows immediately after sealer is set and sanded. Do NOT wipe down or "clean" with solvents (acetone, denatured alcohol etc.) after applying, drying and sanding on bow as it will have an undesirable chemical reaction.
Shipping with in the continental US only. Sorry for inconvenience
WARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -