Thunderbird Epoxy Bow Finish "Thinner" Gallon


Thunderbird Epoxy Bow Finish  "Thinner"  Gallon

This is a durable bow finish has been formulated to provide the ultimate protection and beauty for Longbows, Recurves, and Selfbows. We call it "Endurance Bow Finish" as it will not crack or check under any weather conditions, and it is the most abrasive and chemical resistant finish on the market. Easy to apply and touch-up. It will add years of service and beauty to your bows.

Individual Component Gallon  Thinner 

Gloss is FDA approved.

Other uses include Game Calls, Taxidermy, and any other wood project that you need a long lasting durable finish on.

Shipping with in the continental US and parts of Canada only. Sorry for inconvenience

You may not spray this material in California, Only Brush on 

No shipments to Alaska 

WARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -