"Black Widow  has used the Thunderbird Epoxy recipe for 30+ years. Its toughness and longevity is second to none. We have tried other finishes in the past but nothing matches the Thunderbird. If you want a finish that will last for decades then Thunderbird is what you are looking for."

 Toby Essick  Black Widow Bows

"At Toelke Traditional Archery we strive to build bows to the best of our ability and to build bows that last. We feel that for protection and

longevity there is nothing that comes close to Thunderbird finish. Its ability to adhere to oily exotic hardwood is unmatched. Thunderbird is also the most flexible finish we have found, eliminating cracking and discoloring on limbs.
St. Joe River Bows has been a pleasure to work with and being users of
the finish themselves helps them closely monitor it keeping a consistent product."
Sincerely, Dan and Jared Toelke

"As a 1-man shop I have tried every imaginable finish on my bows. I feel Thunderbird is by far the best-and it is all I've used in years. It sprays well builds nicely-and is extremely tough. Virtually no tendency to chip on the edges. I can mix enough for 1 bow if I need to. Some early stuff you were limited to mixing 8 or 16 ounces to get the proper proportions."
Herb Meland, Pronghorn Custom Bows

" I have been building bows for about 10 years starating out with Osage self bows. After learning to build laminated fiberglass bows I've found Thunderbird to be the best. I have tested other finishes over the last 5 years but nothing compares to the durability, great looks and ease of use. Thunderbird is used by most of the top builders in the US for a reason. It is the best. Keep up the good work."
Terry Folts, Huron Longbows

"I have used Thunderbird finish for years. It is great stuff!! It is by far the toughest finish I have ever used. I like that you can keep it in a refrigerator and by adding a little thinner you can keep it for a week or more and still spray it. I also like that you can spay it over top as a texture to make the finish even tougher.
For porous woods the high solids filler is excellent. It is a great time saver!
The best part of Thunderbird is David and Tracey. You will not find better service than what they provide! Thank you guys for taking great care of us."
Bill Dunn, Zipper bows

"I have been using Thunderbird Endurance epoxy since 2003. Easy to apply, and very durable. I have had a chance to view quite a few bows after years in service, and never an issue with the finish. No plan to change."
Gregg Coffey, Java Man Archery

"Since 2003 I have tried several different bow finishes,  no other product remotely compares with Thunderbird finish for it's durability, pore filling qualities, and professional appearance."

Chris Hartwig, NewWood  Longbows

“Thunderbird epoxy is by far my go to choice for our bows! It gives our bows a super hard and elegant coating that every hunter and target shooter alike should demand!

Connor Wagstaff
Wagstaff Archery

In all of my years of bow making, I have had the opportunity to try several different bow finishes. Some that were not sufficient for long and others that did all right under most circumstances. None of them however actually perform to the degree of Thunderbird Epoxy. I have found that when your bow is subjected to harsh conditions, that is when you can really tell what a finish is made of. Hands down Thunderbird Epoxy finish will out do any other finish when put to the test. Thanks for a great product!


Jim Neaves (Centaur Archery)

Being a one-man shop, I need to be as efficient as possible with every aspect of my bow making. Finish was an area for me where I struggled for years. I tried water based poly finishes, oil based poly finishes, lacquer finishes, all with limited success. When a buddy of mine told me of his success with  Thunderbird Epoxy I decided to give it a try. 

I no longer worry about whether my finish will be good or not, I know it will be. Thunderbird is quick, easy to spray, fills the grain, and you can have a gorgeous gloss finish, a beautiful flat finish, or anything in between. 
I have found the only finish that will go on Lonesome Wind Custom Bows from now on, there is no sense in messing with anything less.
Vince Smith
Lonesome Wind Custom Bows LLC